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If you're looking for a swimsuit stop by Bodygears, we have a number of different brands. At Bodygears you'll find an impressive selection. We stock BodyGlove, Dolfin, Sunsets separates, Solar Tan Thru Suits, Watergear and Tyr. At Bodygears we have suits that look good. At our store you'll find suits in several different styles, and you'll find we can fit almost every size.

If you're looking for a suit for the summer - something to go swimming in around Vermont, Bodygears has plenty to chose from. If you're looking for a suit for vacation, check out the styles at our store.

Bodygears does swimsuits for swim teams, lifeguards and athletes competing in triathlon.

If you're looking for more ideas check the links page, it's an easy way to see more about the companies we do business with.

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